-- PHP Script with minimal server requirements
-- Full featured web interface
-- Easily customizable
-- Easy to install on almost any web server!

The ORS web interface is an FREE SHARE-WARE online reservation system for aircrafts, boats, rooms, time-shares, office or lab equipment, or any other type of resource that your organization schedules!


    Listed below are some screenshots from the ORS script. Click on the image thumbnails to see a larger version:


Main homepage (public view)
Before a user supplies a password, only first names are shown, and some resources can be hidden.

User manager
Add and edit users through this interface
Resource manager
Add and edit resources through this interface
List signups by user
You may list the signups sorted by user. Warnings are also shown if signups may be in error, or possible violation of a rule.
User access log
Records who accessed the system, when, and how long
Activity log
Records each transaction that takes place on the system


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